Welcome to CADDS Group.

We’re a privately owned, multi-disciplinary design and consultancy group based in Perth, Western Australia.

Innovation and design is in our DNA. We’ve redefined the market by bringing seven services together under one roof to share insights, technology and knowledge. So when we view your project, we’re seeing it through the eyes of a range of professions – on site with you, regardless of location. It all adds up to bigger cost savings, faster deliverables, and enhanced project control, from concept to completion.


Industry-leading customised structural, civil and mechanical engineering solutions to the WA resources sector.


Servicing the Mining, Industrial, Commercial + Residential from Control Systems, Verification + Testing andDesign and Drafting.

Architectural + Drafting
Combining architects, building designers and draftspeople in the same team, we’ve got the tools to design and project manage any job.

Specialising in Planning & development consultancy, Building due diligence & inspection, Building code compliance and Complete BCA work.

Energy + Sustainability
Committed to optimising the efficiency of the built environment through architecture, product design, compliance and engineering. 

Product + Innovation
From an initial concept and design to a completely engineered final product ready for manufacturing, marketing and distribution.

Surveying + Instrumentation
3D Laser Scanning, Wear Analysis, 3D Modelling, GPS, Topographical Surveying to Total Station & Digital Level Solutions.


Offering the complete solution from design, engineering to fabrication and implementation. Our full service approach increases efficiency and cost effectiveness.

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What's new with CADDS

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Our team of architects, designers and CGI artists turn your ideas into stunning digital masterpieces, and we’re based right here in Perth.

We work with local sites every day, so we know how to create the most accurate representation of your project, with photorealistic renders as low as $350 per image.

New Guarding System

Sentry Guarding System by CADDS is a cost effective, smart modular guarding system that is safe and easy to install.

Using the existing system they have but with a simple hook and lock framework, existing panels can be utilised - turning their guarding system into an industry compliant product.


At CADDS Fabrication, our professionals benefit from working together in-house, integrating their skills and experience over the entire job scope, from the quality/safety audit, through to design, construction and project management. This means we have the control needed to eliminate errors that come through briefing different contractors. It all adds up to reduced fabrication and construction costs, faster production deliverables and increased quality control.


Our Valued Clients

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