New Guarding System by CADDS Group

Early this year our Product Division was assigned the task of coming up with a cost-effective design solution that would make it feasible for our clients to change and replace the existing guarding systems to comply with new legislation. New legislation requirements have left many current guarding systems redundant and not compliant with Worksafe. However, replacing guarding can be an expensive exercise thus the Guarding System solution was created.

The design had to meet the following criteria

  • Saving cost on manufacturing
  • Reducing installation time
  • Minimum skill required to assemble
  • Ease of handling/removing and installing
  • Recycling existing guarding systems
  • Safeguard against hazards
  • Legislation compliant

The new Guarding System by CADDS Group allows our clients to design and install new guards much quicker, saving them in down time.

In addition to the original Guard System that was developed, we saw a need for additional supporting products such as the Mesh Clamp Bracket and the Sign Bracket.

In some cases, by utilizing our Mesh Clamp Bracket on non-compliant guarding, it eliminates the need replacing the complete panel and turning it into an industry compliant product.

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Darren Clark