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We provide smart, industry-leading structural engineering solutions to the WA resources sector, as well as commercial and residential buildings.


From major earthworks and drainage design, to infrastructure slabs and general road construction, we provide all the services you need for new and existing works.


Specialising in moving parts, we’re able to fully certify in-house work including retrospective certification of existing projects.

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CADDS Engineering

CADDS Engineering understands the pressures of the real world.


We’ve been successfully delivering integrated engineering services to our clients for over 20 years. We approach projects holistically, ensuring each project provides the most suitable solution in the most efficient manner. This is where you benefit from having access to all CADDS Group services in-house - not only is it more convenient, we’re also able to deliver faster turnarounds and cost efficiencies. Across an engineering design and construction project, our teams of professionals work together applying their skills and experience over the complete range of tasks.

Our CADDS Engineering team consists of:

  • Site Representatives
  • Surveyors
  • Structural Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Civil & Structural Designers
  • Construction Modellers
  • Steel Detailers
  • Fabricators.


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As part of CADDS Group, we have the in-house resources to take care of your project’s entire design and construction lifecycle. Together, we approach your project with a common goal in mind – find the best solution.

It all adds up to faster turnarounds, optimal cost efficiencies, and a successfully translated project vision.


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