Quality Policy.

CADDS Group’s Quality Policy confirms our commitment to comply with quality standards for delivering products and services to our clients in the following markets:

  • Building compliance & certification
  • Electrical design & documentation
  • ESD consultation
  • Engineering design & documentation
  • Architectural design & documentation

Our quality system is continually maintained and reviewed by our dedicated HSEQ team to ensure it meets our company goals based on a high level of customer satisfaction, quality objectives, identification and resolution of opportunities for improvement, and its accordance with the requirements of AS/NZS ISO 9001. The quality objectives have been created for each department and are continually reviewed for suitability in quarterly management reviews.

It is mandatory that all departments and teams are committed to the concept of quality assurance and its requirements to ensure the company as a whole can contribute to continually improve the effectiveness of our systems. To achieve this we communicate our quality system from upper management through middle management to individual, team members, and foster a workplace environment where feedback and improvement activities are encouraged from all staff members.

We strive to continually develop and refine our quality systems through innovation, frequent communication, employee participation and training in all markets we serve. Across CADDS Group, every employee shall adhere and contribute to all policies and procedures implemented by the company and in turn take responsibility for quality.